July 21, 2024

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Tips for Selling Real Estate Land

Tips for Selling Real Estate Land

When you have land for sale, you can use several successful selling techniques. A plot of land is a piece of real estate that normally does not have any type of buildings on it. To sell the land successfully you will need to research the possible uses for the land, prepare all the land documentation and information upfront, and advertise close to home and away. It can be difficult to sell land because it lacks some of the amenities and features that can help to sell a property that is more developed. When gathering and preparing land documentation make sure you have the deed or title, and a recent land survey.

Review the land survey to get some of the figures and facts that you want to use as selling points on the land for sale. This can include the acreage or square foot of the lot, if there is anything sitting on the land such as a building, and the shape of the lot. Even if it does not have any actual buildings, there may be other selling points like trees, a pond or lake, sewer system or well, etc. You should also research thoroughly any zoning options the property could have.

You should talk to your neighbors to see if they would be interested in buying the property before you put it up for sale, whether it is in an urban or rural setting. If you are able to sell it to one of the neighbors, it will help to relieve you of putting together a plan to promote the selling of the land, advertising it, and possibly having to pay a commission to a real estate agent.

When putting your land for sale it does not limit you to selling it to people living in the immediate area. If you do have to put together a marketing plan and advertise it for sale include different techniques to reach people out of the area. One example would be if the land for sale is in Florida, someone in Michigan or New Jersey may be looking for property in a southern state on which to build a retirement or vacation home later in the future.

Some of the best marketing and promotion options when having land for sale is the Internet that have a reach beyond where the land is located. Many advertising sites on the internet are free or cheaper than advertising in the newspaper in places beyond the immediate area. When using internet-advertising sites, some have you type in the ad and then select where you want it to be published. With a newspaper, you have to write your advertisement in each newspaper. Internet advertising is less time consuming.