July 22, 2024

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Asian Decor Tips – The Ying and Yang of Interior Design

Asian Decor Tips – The Ying and Yang of Interior Design

Who says you would need a salary’s worth of savings to explore the tranquil mysticism of Asia? With a few renovations and some bits and pieces here and there, you can transform your own living spaces with a look that reflects the calm mood of a Thai spa or a minimalist-inspired Japanese home. Although various cultures contrast, these different Asian countries come together with similar design schemes. It’s a usual practice nowadays for people to embrace the key elements from each cultural area. They arrange it together in a blend that is truly and spectacularly Asian and truly unique at the same time.

Now before you begin chasing after silk draperies and Chinese jars, there are some teeny-weeny details you should think about first.

Will you swear to trim down all the excess clutter in your home? Are you willing to denounce your chaotic space for something relatively free of unnecessary “stuff”?

Are you into smooth furnishings? How about upholstery and windows minus all the fancy trimmings? Remember in Asian d├ęcor, there’s no room for plush Victorian-inspired bed covers – less is more every single time.

And another thing, brace yourself for an explosion of green, blue and beige along with several surprise streaks of glittering gold or blood red pieces. These are the popular colors that dominate Asian styles. Are you a Barbie-fanatic or a huge Barney fan? Then you might want to reconsider because Asian designs are not known for their affinity for pinks or purples.

So you think you can handle these major must-do’s? If so, then let’s begin capturing the essence of a warm and relaxing Asian-inspired retreat, beginning with these simple steps.

Firstly, do away with all the trappings and trendy furnishings that you already have. You need a space that is relatively spacious and simple. Be ready to give all your beloved lacy table-tops away. Next, provide a clear setting for your design by painting your walls in hues of beige or bamboo green. Instead of blinds, why not use bamboo to shade the room from too much sun? Hand-woven mats and Asian rugs can also take the place of your regular carpet too.

Once this is done, you can now begin incorporating other stuff to complete your Asian theme. However, you might find this a bit difficult too because there are different styles and cultural designs to choose from. You can go totally Chinese or pick something that has an Indonesian vibe to it. It depends entirely on your preference. Decide on a particular kind of Asian style that best reflects who you are. Remember, guests should not walk into your home feeling as if they are in a section of the national museum. Make sure your personality echoes throughout your home design. Still confused? Don’t fret, it’s quite alright to combine themes from those styles you feel comfortable with.

When it comes to giving your bedroom the Asian treatment, here are some useful tips. Instead of a fancy headboard why not utilize a bed frame that is lower than your usual preference. It would also be nice to experiment a bit. Discard your flower-printed bed cover and replace this with a simple quilt. Then throw in a couple of pillows with Asian designs to complete the look. A plain little bench in the corner of the room can also serve as a table top for studying or other purposes. You can also add some candles or fortune plants and bamboos to enhance the mood for meditation. To compliment this set-up, an Oriental painting or exquisite scrolls pinned up on the wall would pretty much do the trick.

With regard to your living room or dining space, there are a couple of suggestions I’d like to offer to make these rooms feel undoubtedly “Asian”. To start, why not discard your usual sofa set for something that has straight simple lines? An alternative dining setting would also involve having a low table with several plus-size cushions in place of your regular chairs. While you go about with your home make-over session, adapt several Feng Shui principles as well. To avoid ruining the Asian vibe, camouflage those electronic gadgets behind a nice piece of furniture that will double as an entertainment center in the living room. Have fun being Asian!